Change driven invoice.

Customer Problem:

Having multiple employee’s in the field at all times, making sure time tracking and expenses are available and able to be created at any time from anywhere. As the employee’s could use any device, it had to be a workflow that enabled a wide variety of applications to be used.


Using a template spreadsheet, the user enters the details of the job such as, who it is for, days worked, day (hour) rate, any expenses, expense location.

This spreadsheet was then exported to a common format using applescript on osx, the computers the client used. This format was a tab delimited text file.

This tab delimited text file could then be used as the input to an InDesign template to enable you to provide your brand on the invoice, along with allowing the spreadsheet application to take car of calculations.

Once the information is formatted the indesign document is exported to a PDF and saved to a location and/or sent to the user that modified the spreadsheet so that they can confirm the invoice is correct.

This solution also included the ability to include expenses by specifying the expense in the spreadsheet and including a link to the shared scan of the expense, using dropbox in this case, but any file share site would work.

Once all the files where in place a final PDF of the invoice including expense PDF’s was saved to a shared location, and an email was sent to the user.

List of Software Used:

Adobe InDesign, Apple Numbers, Mail, Dropbox. (Alts: Microsoft Excel, Thunderbird, Box, Adobe Document Cloud, OneDrive)