Passwords – Password Managers

Following on from last weeks post about how to make passwords stronger, this is the next step in securing you online identity. The use of a password manager.

image showing a password as a dial lock to signify the use of a password manager
Eye-catching image to help with visualization of a password manager.

A password manager is a program that allows you to store a number of passwords, and other items, behind a master password. A lot of these tools also store them in the cloud so that you can access them from all your devices, phone, computer, and tablet.

Main advantage of a password manager?

As mentioned above you only need to remember the master password, all the other passwords are stored for you, on tablets and phones, this can be stored behind face recognition or finger prints.

What password managers are available?

Here is a short list, there are probably more but these are the clear leaders in the field: (in alphabetical order)

  • Dashlane –
  • Kaspersky –
  • Lastpass –
  • Nordpass –
  • Remembear –
  • RoboForm –
  • Sticky Password –
  • 1Password –

A review of these products is beyond the scope of this document, this is intended to introduce that these products exist and can be used to help you become safer online.